Our Physicians

We know what we’re doing.

Thank you so much for considering our practice for your orthopaedic needs. We are a surgery specialty group providing complete orthopaedic care. Our physicians strive to provide compassionate, courteous care, using progressive, state of the art techniques. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a setting that offers high quality patient care. Each physician will work to customize and tailor to the orthopaedic needs of you and your family.

Our Mid-Level Practitioners

Eric Chatterly

Dr. Pepper Murray

Bryan Bernhardt

Dr.Steven B. Huish

Sami Weese

Dr. Joshua M. Hickman

Chad Martineau

Dr. Jared J. Tyson

Jared Miller

Dr. Clint J. Wooten

Kevin Newbold

Dr. Travis M. Hendry

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