Dr. R. Pepper Murray, MD

R. Pepper Murray, MD

Arthroscopic Surgery: Knee, and Shoulder
Sports and Sport Related Injuries

Dr. John C. Edwards, MD

John C. Edwards, MD

Arthroscopic Surgery: Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow
Total Joint Replacement: Knee, and Shoulder
Sports and Sports Related Injuries
Fracture Care

Dr. Eric C. Johnston, M.D.

Eric C. Johnston, M.D.

Surgery of the Foot and Ankle
Arthroscopic Surgery: Knee and Ankle
Surgery of the Hand, Wrist and Elbow
Sports and Sports Related Injuries
Fracture Care

Dr. Steven B. Huish, M.D.

Steven B. Huish, M.D.

Surgery of the Hand, Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder
Arthroscopic Surgery: Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder
Fracture Care, Adult and Pediatric, Total Joint of Shoulder and Elbow

Dr. Joshua M. Hickman, M.D.

Joshua M. Hickman, M.D. - 2

Minimally Invasive Total Joint Replacement: Knee and Hip
Total Joint Replacement: Knee, Hip, and Shoulder
Direct anterior approach for hip replacement
Hip Resurfacing (Birmimingham Hip Resurfacing)
Arthoroscopic Surgery: Shoulder, Knee and Hip
Femoracetabular Impingement Surgery
Sports and Sports related Injuries

Dr. Michael M. Hess, M.D.

Michael M. Hess, M.D.

General Orthopaedics
Fracture Care
Non-Operative Sportsmedicine Management
independent Medical Exams
Impairment Ratings

Dr. David W. Stevens, M.D.

David W. Stevens, M.D.

Spine Surgery: Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbar
Degenerative Disease, Stenosis, Instability,
Deformity, Fractures, Infection.
Open and Minimally Invasive Techniques
Trauma and Fracture Care-Adult and Pediatric

Dr. Jared Tyson, M.D.

Jared Tyson, M.D.

Arthroscopic Surgery: Knee, Hip and Shoulder
Sports and Sport Related Injuries
Fracture care
Joint Replacement